Trump the man promotes Trump the fragrance.

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Donald Trump and the Limits of Branding

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Trump Bets It All on the Brand

Donald Trump made a fortune slapping his name on condominiums, clothing and even cologne, and his brand hasn't faltered despite his shaky record of success. Megan McArdle wonders if politics might prove the one business that finally undoes him.

What America Learned From the Benghazi Investigation

House Republicans released their 800-page report into the 2012 attacks on Tuesday, which included no new evidence that then-Secretary of State Hillary Clinton had engaged in wrongdoing. Jonathan Bernstein says the two-year investigation was a bust-- Libya was a failure, politicians spin, so what else is new? -- but Eli Lake argues it usefully illustrates how the Obama administration elevates political narrative over all else.

When Outrage Clouds Your Political Judgment

Not long after U.K. voters chose to leave the European Union last week, the stories of regret started pouring in. Cass Sunstein turns to the psychology of retribution to understand why people vote against their own self-interest.

The Risk of a Constitutional Crisis in Britain

The U.K. doesn't have a written governing legal document, but Brexit could set off a constitutional showdown anyway. Noah Feldman explains why.

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