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The U.K. Vote's Lessons for the Fed

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Fed Should Ease After U.K.'s Vote

Britain's starling decision to exit the European Union roiled the global markets, and opens up the possibility of more adverse shocks Narayana Kocherlakota argues the Federal Reserve should be easing monetary policy to make the U.S. economy as healthy as possible -- and it should start explaining to the public how negative interest rates might work.

Uncertainty Is the New Normal

Investors have even more questions than they did before the U.K. decided to leave the EU, and easy answers are nowhere to be found. With market volatility unlikely to wane anytime soon, Conor Sen surveys the range of possible outcomes.

Paul Ryan's Tax Blueprint Looks a Lot Like Trump's

If you needed any proof that the agendas of the House speaker and the Republican nominee are converging, just look at Ryan's new catalog of policy prescriptions. Paula Dwyer says that when it comes to fiscal issues, there's little distance between the two.  

The Supreme Court Restores Balance to the Abortion Debate

In the biggest legal victory for reproductive rights in nearly 25 years, the high court on Monday struck down a Texas law that shuttered half of the abortion clinics in the state. The Bloomberg View editorial board says that the Texas restrictions were cynical and disingenuous -- an embarrassment to abortion opponents, in fact -- and while Margaret Carlson celebrates the ruling, she says both parties should do a better job listening to the majority of voters who hold both pro-choice and pro-life views.

Influence Peddling Gets First Amendment Protections

In other Supreme Court news, the justices unanimously overturned the bribery conviction of former Virginia Governor Robert McDonnell on Monday -- in large part, Noah Feldman says, because maintaining his guilt would have called into question the entire structure of U.S. campaign finance law. Feldman calls the court's decision to give cover to political back-scratching "a historic mistake."

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