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Life After Brexit

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So... What Happens Now?

It's been 24 hours since British voters chose to leave the European Union, and analysts are still trying to make sense of what happened. Barry Ritholtz foresees a much-diminished London ("Expect it to become more like Colonial Williamsburg -- a tourist trap that attempts to depict what life was like in the not-too-distant past"), as Mohamed El-Erian expects "fringe" movements to play an ever-larger role on the global stage. Beyond the EU's borders, Michael Schuman says the schism will benefit China, while Leonid Bershidsky doubts Russia has much to gain, and Jean-Michel Paul points to a new "radical majority" growing throughout the West.

Evangelicals Forgive Trump for His Disrespect

Donald Trump claims his favorite book is the Bible. Then again, his favorite verse is one Jesus renounced. (Apparently "an eye for an eye" isn't the foundation of Christian moral teaching.) Francis Wilkinson analyzes his remarks at a recent meeting with evangelical leaders, and him ignorant of religious conservatives' concerns -- yet very easily excused.

Ideological Crusades Are Bad for Business

Foreign companies that want to set up shop in America have grown wary of its partisan conflicts, according to Noah Smith, who examines new evidence that U.S. politics are scaring overseas investors away. 

Blood, Breath and the Fourth Amendment

U.S. police don't need a warrant to give a Breathalyzer test to a driver -- but can they also order a blood test? Noah Feldman says practical judgment trumped legal analysis in a recent drunk-driving case that made it to the Supreme Court.

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