Won the Lottery? Here's Some Advice

Barry Ritholtz is a Bloomberg View columnist. He founded Ritholtz Wealth Management and was chief executive and director of equity research at FusionIQ, a quantitative research firm. He blogs at the Big Picture and is the author of “Bailout Nation: How Greed and Easy Money Corrupted Wall Street and Shook the World Economy.”
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The Brexit vote is here! My morning train reads:

  • Simplexity: “If you want to suppress volatility, you will suppress returns” (Irrelevant Investor); see also Two Deadly Wealth Management Assumptions (The Reformed Broker)
  • Funniest thing you will read today: Inside Trump’s Most Valuable Tower: Felons, Dictators and Girl Scouts (Bloomberg)
  • A Lottery Lawyer Explains What You Should Do if You Hit the Jackpot (Vice)
  • TV Advertising’s Surprising Strength -- And Inevitable Fall (Stratechery)
  • The Top-1% Income Club? Don’t Hate 'Em, Join 'Em! Here’s How (Investor’s Business Daily)
  • Joker in the pack: Recent attacks give a glimpse of the sort of cyber-assault that could bring the world economy to a halt. Better defences are needed (the Economist)
  • The media have reached a turning point in covering Donald Trump. He may not survive it. (Washington Post)
  • Are Solar Panels Just for Rich People? (Priceonomics)
  • How Donald Trump Bankrupted His Atlantic City Casinos, but Still Earned Millions (New York Times); see also As its stock collapsed, Trump’s firm gave him huge bonuses and paid for his jet (Washington Post)

What are you reading?

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