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The Case for the U.K. to Stay

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Britons Should Vote "Remain"

For all its flaws -- and there are many -- the European Union has encouraged stability, peace and liberal democracy in a continent that's been riven by conflict for centuries. The Bloomberg View editorial board urges the U.K. to stay for its own sake, and for Europe's.  

Campaign Against Central Bank Governor Is Bad News for India

Wags have dubbed it "Rexit," but there's little funny about the economist Raghuram Rajan's departure from the Reserve Bank of India. Mihir Sharma says the loss of a principled and talented economist -- a critic of crony capitalism, essentially forced out by his political opponents -- raises uncomfortable questions about the country's credibility.

China Will Own the Internet of Cars

As automakers develop a new generation of connected vehicles, Chinese companies have some huge advantages. Adam Minter explains how one country will chart the industry's future (and why foreign automakers should worry about being locked out). 

Three Divisive Cases for a Divided Supreme Court

Affirmative action at colleges, state-level abortion restrictions, and Obama's executive orders on immigration: The justices have yet to rule on three controversial issues -- oddly enough, all from Texas -- and the end of the term is fast approaching. Noah Feldman explains why there's a good reason to expect a 4-4 split. 

Hillary Clinton Needed a Cause. Enter Trump. 

A dismal three out of 10 Americans think Clinton is "honest and trustworthy," and her reputation as an opportunist isn't entirely unearned. But Francis Wilkinson says Donald Trump transformed her from a candidate without a crusade to a genuine conviction politician.

U.S. Muslims Are the Collateral Victims of Terror Attacks

As the most prominent Republican in the U.S. scapegoats entire Muslim communities, and as believers across the country fear violent retaliation, Albert R. Hunt offers a reminder that Islam and its adherents are part of what makes America great.

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