Oh, Canada.

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Canada and the 'Resource Curse'

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Canada Risks Falling Into the Petrostate Trap

If you want a diversified, resilient economy, don't get hooked on oil. The resource curse wreaked havoc on Russia, Venezuela and Nigeria, and Noah Smith warns an oil-dependent Canada wouldn't be immune to the threat.

A-Listers Flock to Putin's Private Davos

Western executives and politicians were in abundance at this year's St. Petersburg Economic Forum -- alongside guests under international sanctions. Leonid Bershidsky explains what "Russia's Davos" means for an increasingly isolated country.

Blockchain Company's Smart Contracts Were Dumb

What matters more: What the code said, or what people thought it said? Matt Levine teases apart the age-old question, raised anew by a hack at a cryptocurrency-backed venture capital fund.

Actually, Muslim Immigrants Have No Trouble Assimilating

Donald Trump claims Muslim newcomers refuse to abide by American norms, but as usual, the facts says otherwise. Paula Dwyer lays out why today's Afghan or Somalian immigrants will do just as well in the U.S. as Trump's own German grandparents did.

After a Killing, Here's One Debate the U.K. Isn't Having

When Labour Party lawmaker Jo Cox was fatally shot on Thursday, Britons were universally horrified -- and conspicuously silent about gun control. American transplant Therese Raphael suspects the country's consensus on the issue is one reason it united so quickly.

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