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A Fix for the Payday Lending Industry

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Regulate Payday Lenders (But Not Like This) 

America's $38 billion payday loan industry needs to be reined in, but the federal government's proposed restrictions would leave vulnerable borrowers at risk. The Bloomberg View editorial board points to better a model already working at the state level. 

Islamic State, the Brand 

As the terrorist group grows more reliant on lone-wolf attackersLeonid Bershidsky examines how digital media has changed how violent extremists operate, and Megan McArdle foresees a much scarier future.

Jesse Ventura's First-Amendment Lessons

In 2014, the pro-wrestler-turned-governor won $1.8 million in a defamation case against the late "American Sniper" author Chris Kyle (who suggested that Ventura "hated America"). Noah Feldman applauds an appeals court for reversing that decision Monday, granting a victory for free speech.

For Giant Container Ships, the Future Looks Bleak

The average cargo vessel is eight times larger than it was in 1955, and the industry keeps adding capacity. But as Adam Minter reports, slowing global trade will leave many of those mega-boats idled, anchored and empty.

The Idiocracy May Be Here, But It Isn't Hereditary

Educated people have fewer children than ever, but that's no reason to fear for humanity. Even if we're getting dumber, Faye Flam says it has nothing to do with our genes. 

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