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If That's Not a Bribe, What Is?

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Doctors Who Prescribed Salix Drugs Sure Ate Well

Fine wine, a $300 meal, and a pitch about a company's meds? The law's OK with that. But if a pharma company fetes physicians in a loud room, then investigators take note. Matt Levine unpacks a case that shows just how bizarre Americans' understanding of bribery is. 

Americans Would Have No Christmas Without China

It's no surprise where the U.S. gets its laptops and video games, but what about the $2 billion of holiday decorations imported annually? Justin Fox says that if Donald Trump were to shut down trade with China, it would be the end of the festive season as we know it.

Taking Back a Trump Endorsement Is Pointless

Prominent Republicans are rethinking their support following the candidate's attacks on Judge Gonzalo Curiel, but Ramesh Ponnuru says it's too late to put the Donald Trump genie back in the bottle. 

Economics Struggles to Cope With Reality

"Macroeconomics" means different things to finance people, Fed people, professors and coffee-shop pundits -- and Noah Smith says one of those groups is ruining things for the rest of them. 

The End of the U.S. Manufacturing Renaissance (Such as It Was)

What's hurting employment growth in this sector? Conor Sen says there are lots of job openings, but there's not a lot of hiring.

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