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How Saudi Arabia Can Put That Money Pile to Work

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How to Manage $2 Trillion If You're New to It

Saudi Arabia is trying to cut its dependence on oil with the world's largest-ever sovereign wealth investment fund. It's unprecedented, but never fear: Barry Ritholtz is ready with advice.

Boards Will Never Be Good at Policing Executives

Sure, that's what corporate directors are supposed to do. But for Justin Fox, that expectation reflects a profound misunderstanding of human nature.

Rating the Employee Review: Needs Improvement

The dreaded yearly assessments aim for scientific rigor, but their methodology keeps changing. Stephen Mihm looks back at a century of ever-changing, less-than-effective performance appraisals.

Payday-Loan Restrictions Hurt the Poor 

Everyone hates those predatory lenders, right? Well, ask the 10 million people who use them. Stephen Carter makes the case that tighter regulations would cost low-income Americans worst of all.

One U.S. Political Party Works. Guess Which? 

With Barack Obama endorsing Hillary Clinton for president on Thursday, and upstart Bernie Sanders falling into lineFrancis Wilkinson marvels at how sane, stable and productive the Democratic Party is -- at least, compared with the competition. Meanwhile, Margaret Carlson considers the GOP's conundrum on Donald Trump, a deplorable racist Republicans aren't quite brave enough to deplore.

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  • REIT surprise: Real-estate investment trusts are the best-performing asset class in the market in the past 15 years, crushing stock pickers (WSJ)

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