Robot waiters: Their time has come.

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The Bubble in Robots

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China Has a Robot Problem

Shenzhen, which offers $76 million in robotics-industry subsidies, is home to 3,000 such companies. Might that be a coincidence? As more than 70 local governments work to encourage the industry, Adam Minter warns the state has created yet another bubble.

Europe's Big Opportunity For a New Start

Seven out of 10 Europeans think the EU would be worse off without Britain, but Leonid Bershidsky makes the case for optimism: If U.K. voters choose to leave, it would be a chance to transform the organization into something more democratic.

Surprise! Most Americans Just Want a Traditional Job

Don't believe the gig-economy hype: The average U.S. worker would not rather be Ubering. As the economy has improved, Justin Fox reports, more and more people are trading their independence for full-time work.

Trump Is No Legal Scholar, but He's Right About One Thing

No, not his views on judges -- they're obviously reprehensible -- but Trump may have a point about  "opening up" libel law. Cass Sunstein wonders: Would it really be so bad if news outlets were held accountable for lying and ruining people's reputations?

Fintech is Ending Money Management as We Know It

New tools make it possible for small firms to offer services that were out of reach just a few years ago. The downside is fewer jobs. Barry Ritholtz sizes up the trend.

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