Early Returns

What Donald Trump Means for America

Jonathan Bernstein's morning reads.

1. Is Britain leaving the EU or not? Robert Ford, Will Jennings and Mark Pickup at the Monkey Cage look at the evidence about what is about to happen.

2. At Brookings, Elaine Kamarck on what Congress should do on oversight. Yes, it includes Congress spending more money on itself. Yes, it should happen.

3. Julia Azari at Mischiefs of Faction on norms and democracy.

4. The Washington Examiner’s Philip Klein on Donald Trump’s bigoted remarks about judges.

5. Jonathan Chait on anti-Trump rioting.

6. My Bloomberg View colleague Francis Wilkinson on Muhammad Ali’s America.

7. And the view from abroad: Alex Massie at the Spectator on Trump as “a kind of crime against the idea of America itself.”

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