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Remembering Ali

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'Ali Forced You to Take Sides. I Chose His.'

As the tributes pour in to boxer and political icon Muhammad Ali, who died Friday at 74, Yale law professor Stephen Carter recalls what the Champ meant to a black baby boomer growing up in a sleepy Republican town. Meanwhile, Noah Feldman considers how Ali's 1964 conversion transformed Islam into a global symbol for anticolonial protest, and Francis Wilkinson examines how a 20th-century radical prefigured the 21st-century American mainstream.

'Fix' the U.S. Political System at Your Own Risk

Establishment conservatives and young socialists don't share much common ground, but they can agree on one thing: The U.S. presidential nomination process is a mess. While some tweaks are in order, Albert R. Hunt warns that reform proposals could very well backfire -- just as earlier "improvements" created our current mess.

Central Bank Spat Is the Last Thing India's Economy Needs

Raghuram Rajan has a distinguished record as head of the Reserve Bank of India, but that hasn't stopped politically motivated lawmakers from demanding his exit. The Bloomberg View editorial board urges Prime Minister Narendra Modi to stand up for a man whose policy acumen and fearlessness have been assets to his country.

Europe Isn't Quite Ready for the Sharing Economy

The EU's new policy recommendations on services such as Uber and Airbnb are hardly an embrace of Silicon Valley-style disruption. Leonid Bershidsky explains what the guidelines mean for U.S. sharing-economy companies with global ambitions.

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