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Where Did the Jobs Go?

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A Lackluster Month for Hiring

U.S. employment growth fell to a six-year low in May, according to the latest figures from the U.S. Department of Labor, but Mark Whitehouse digs deeper into the data and finds reason to believe the "jobs recovery" isn't kaput just yet. Meanwhile, the Bloomberg View Editorial Board argues the weak employment growth shouldn't be an excuse to hold interest rates steady in July, and Barry Ritholtz takes the opportunity to review Donald Trump's employment-related conspiracy theories.

Yes, a Six-Figure Income Means You're Affluent

Justin Fox raised some readers' hackles on Wednesday when he described the mortgage-interest tax deduction as a "subsidy for the affluent." But the U.S.'s top earners are its main beneficiaries -- and that includes anyone earning $100,000 a year. Which raises a a new question for Fox: Why are rich people shocked to learn they're rich? 

China's Forgetting What It Learned In Economics

Once the ideal student -- "arguably the valedictorian of Asia's MBA program" -- China has set aside the textbook for growth. Michael Schuman offers some critical lessons on economic reform for President Xi Jinping to review.

Conservatives' Message: Character Doesn't Matter

Once upon a time, Republicans cared about morality in politics. Not anymore. A disheartened Ramesh Ponnuru says Donald Trump's political success reflects a cultural rot -- and worsens it.

Ritholtz's Reads

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