Morals, Anger, Third Parties and Chumps

Jonathan Bernstein's morning links.

1. Julia Maskivker at the Monkey Cage looks at voting as a moral obligation.

2. Matthew Dickinson on Donald Trump, Hillary Clinton and honesty.

3. Nice Dave Hopkins item on what the Trump vs. Bernie Sanders polls tell us.

4. Natalie Jackson at the Huffington Post on polling third-party candidates.

5. Listen to Kevin Drum (and the charts he uses to back him up): Americans are not particularly angry during this election cycle, although many Republicans really, really, really don’t like Barack Obama.

6. Fred Kaplan is probably correct about this: Russia and North Korea would love to see Trump elected because they suspect he’s an easily duped chump.

7. Sarah Kliff at Vox on being a patient -- and yet another area in which the U.S. medical system falls short.

8. Norm Ornstein on Trump's Scotland trip

9. And my Bloomberg View colleague Tobin Harshaw on Fallujah.

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