Ritholtz's Reads

Hippies, Groupthink, Failure and Martians

Here are your morning reads.

Well, that was fun. So are my morning train reads:

  • The Don’t Ask, Don’t Tell Guide to Trading on Inside Information (Businessweek)
  • Silicon Valley: Hippies who dig capitalism and science (AEI); see also What’s driving Silicon Valley to become "radicalized" (Washington Post)
  • Hedge fund managers betray glory days with groupthink (FT)
  • How Return Assumptions Affect Investor Behavior (A Wealth of Common Sense); see also How to Fail Well (The Motley Fool)
  • Are Corporate Inversions Good for Shareholders? (CLS Blue Sky Blog)
  • The weird thing that happens when you put more women in the boardroom (Wonkblog)
  • A Huge, Huge Deal (Talking Points Memo); see also We Were Sued by a Billionaire Political Donor. We Won. Here’s What Happened. (Mother Jones)
  • Clinton has a new weapon against Trump: Elizabeth Warren (Washington Post)
  • Can Apple win the next tech war? (The Verge); see also Billions at Stake in University Patent Fights (Bloomberg)
  • Mysterious Martian Plumes May Be From a Solar Storm and Not an Impending Invasion (Slate)

What are you reading?

Trillions in Debt, But Don't Worry Yet  

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