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A Whiff of Scandal at the State Department

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Catching Up on Clinton's E-Mail Shenanigans 

Hillary Clinton broke the State Department's rules even as she led it, according to a new report from the agency's inspector general. For Megan McArdle, the news vindicates critics who had suspicions about her private server from the start.  

Immigration Isn't That Bad for Native Workers

Donald Trump says newcomers are stealing American jobs. As is so often the case, Donald Trump is wrong. (He's also a hypocrite, but never mind that.) Surveying the research, Noah Smith finds solid economic evidence that the threat to U.S.-born workers is overblown. 

Judge Cries Foul Over Chicago Rule Favoring the Cubs

There's no home-field advantage when it comes to the law, as the Chicago Cubs learned this week. Noah Feldman explains why a convoluted case involving a peddling ordinance and the First Amendment stands to cost the team some money.

What Really Makes People Queasy About GMOs

There's no clear evidence they're bad for the environment. There's no clear evidence they're bad for your health. So why do so many Americans fear genetically engineered foods? To understand, Cass Sunstein delves into the complicated psychology of fear and disgust.

Automakers Design a New (Business) Model

Toyota's partnered with Uber, GM's paired with Lyft, Volkswagen's shacked up with Gett -- and that's all in the past six months. Expect more experimentation in the automotive industry: Justin Fox predicts ride-hailing and autonomous vehicles will radically change how cars are made and sold.

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