Leave the IRS Alone, Already

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No One Hates the IRS More Than House Republicans

Politicians love to rail against the taxman, but trying to impeach the IRS commissioner -- for a scandal that happened before he even joined the agency -- is going too far. The Bloomberg View Editorial Board castigates GOP lawmakers for a breathtaking waste of time and money. 

What a President Trump Would Mean for Democracy 

If a mendacious, pugnacious, defiantly ill-informed buffoon rises to America's highest office, what will become of the nation? Would it mean "the end of the American experiment"? Is this how "fascism comes to America"Megan McArdle suspects fears of a full-blown dictatorship are overblown, although four years of incompetence would pose a real danger. Meanwhile, Frank Wilkinson speaks with Cambridge political scientist David Runciman about how democracies deal with crisis, and why some buckle under the strain. 

How Clarence Thomas Broke My Heart

The sole black Supreme Court justice's commitment to colorblindness seemingly made him explain away obvious racial bias in a death-penalty case earlier this week. Noah Feldman explains why Thomas somehow managed to overlook what all of his fellow justices could see.  

U.S. Workers Get a Little More of the Income Pie 

After 25 years of decline, labor's share of gross domestic product is finally on the rise. Noah Smith thanks a tightening job market -- and China.

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Bloomberg Gadfly 

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