Spy for a Day and How Google Beat Yahoo

Here are your morning reads.

We do live in interesting times; make them even more interesting with our morning train reads:

  • The Value of Active Management: A Journey Into Indexville (Philosophical Economics); see also Eager to Be Wrong (Farnam Street)
  • This cartoon explains how the rich got rich and the poor got poor (Vox)
  • Lessons From Losing Big (A Wealth of Common Sense); see also The Hidden Danger of Being Risk-Averse (Harvard Business Review)
  • The Most Important Investors Of All Time (The Irrelevant Investor)
  • The complete timeline to self-driving cars (Re/code); see also Autonomous-Driving Venture Targets Heavy Trucks (Wall Street Journal)
  • Poll: Election 2016 shapes up as a contest of negatives (Washington Post)
  • Here’s the advantage that keeps Silicon Valley ahead of the world (Vivek Wadhwa); see also Why Google beat Yahoo in the war for the Internet (TechCrunch)
  • Cranky young sun could have kickstarted life on Earth (New Scientist)
  • Top Islamic State official suggests the militants are feeling the heat (Washington Post); see also The U.S.’s show of power against the Islamic State (Washington Post)
  • Spy for a Day: Former British intelligence officer uses espionage training to launch Your Mission, where clients get to act out their le Carré fantasies (WSJ)

What are you reading?

When Elections Aren’t About the Economy   

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