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Republicans Pretend to Like Trump

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A Coalition of the Unwilling

With Donald Trump all but guaranteed to be the Republican candidate for president, even his most vociferous GOP opponents are starting to make nice. Margaret Carlson takes note as party stalwarts like Lindsey Graham and Bob Corker begin to fall like dominoes.

Trump's Worried About the Wrong China Threat

Forget about trade. Instead, spare a thought for the finance and information technology workers about to face serious competition from China. The country's on track to graduate 200 million university students by 2030, and Tom Orlik says the consequences for U.S. professionals could be dire. 

Big Banks' Risk Does Not Compute

Here's some unsettling news: The financial system's hazards may be fundamentally unknowable. Mark Buchanan looks into new mathematical research suggesting the measures of risk used by the world's largest banks are essentially useless. 

Monsanto Bid Isn't Bayer's First Gamble

The German company that brought heroin to market in 1898 should have learned a thing or two from the experience. But in some ways, Leonid Bershidsky says, Bayer's $62 billion play for Monsanto is history repeating. 

The Psychology of Flaking Out

It's exasperating when people make plans and don't follow through, but flakes, like bad poker players, always have tells. Faye Flam discusses new research that could help you predict which acquaintance will cancel dinner at the last moment. 

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