Anti-Trade Politics Vs. Anti-Trade Realities

Jonathan Bernstein is a Bloomberg View columnist. He taught political science at the University of Texas at San Antonio and DePauw University and wrote A Plain Blog About Politics.
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1. Dave Hopkins is correct: The media and pundit backseat driving on the Hillary Clinton campaign is going to be very, very annoying over the next several months.

2. At the Monkey Cage, John Sides on how we incorrectly perceive the political parties, or at least their voters -- and how it contributes to partisan hostility.

3. Also at the Monkey Cage, Allison Carnegie discusses the (many) defects of anti-trade policies, regardless of the popularity of anti-trade politics.

4. Seth Masket on Republican Party actors accepting Donald Trump. Yes, but I continue to believe the interesting story here isn’t that most Republicans will eventually fall in line; it’s how many haven’t, and how many of the rest are clearly unenthusiastic.

5. Christopher Achen and Larry Bartels on what supporters of Bernie Sanders are doing.

6. Jon Cohen and Mark Blumenthal are largely correct on “gold standard” polling. Yes, some of the new outfits have shorter track records -- but the older ones can’t keep doing what they’ve always done, so everyone is scrambling, and none of us know going in who will get it right. Toss ’em all into the polling averages.

7. Not just Hispanics: Asian-Americans don’t like Trump, either, and they are becoming increasingly solid Democratic voters. Politico’s Hanna Trudo reports.

8. And Kevin Drum is correct about Barack Obama and congressional relations. Strong relationships can avoid misunderstandings and might help reach agreement more quickly, but they aren’t going to change the basic positions of the parties or create deals where the incentives all run against them. Didn’t work in Lyndon Johnson’s time, doesn’t work now.

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