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The UK Should Stay

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Leaving Europe Is a Gamble the UK Shouldn't Make

No one knows quite what would happen if Great Britain broke off from the European Union this summer, but the consequences would be far-reaching. Michael R. Bloomberg says that on matters economic and diplomatic, the risk isn't worth the reward.

Theranos Could Have Used a Few Short Sellers

Credulous investors, regulators and journalists might have overlooked red flags at the unicorn blood-testing startup, which recently had to throw out two years of results from its proprietary devices -- but Justin Fox says short sellers would have had reason to raise hell.

Donald Trump Tries to Soothe the Womenfolk

The presumptive Republican nominee isn't too popular with the ladies, and he knows it. Margaret Carlson analyzes Trump's attempt to heal the rift with Megyn Kelly, Fox News and 51 percent of the population.

A 50-Year U.S. Bond Makes More Sense Than Ever

Barry Ritholtz says now is the time to issue debt that takes advantage of near-record low rates, while financing the country's long-term obligations.

Doctors Have a Right (and a Duty) to Ask About Guns

Sometimes, taking care of public health means asking patients about their personal habits -- or their firearms. The Bloomberg View editorial board condemns gun-lobby-backed laws that restrict what physicians can and can't discuss with their patients.

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