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Pain Gaps, Capital and Self-Driving Cars

Here are your morning reads.

Your Tuesday morning train reads:

  • "I don't know" (Bilello); see also The Academic Finance Papers That Changed My Mind (Alpha Architect)
  • How Epic Fortunes Were Created During the California Gold Rush (Priceonomics)
  • Is the Market Cheap? Three things you need to know about valuation, but don’t (Dash of Insight); see also The S&P 500 Valuation Tool That Shows 2007 Peak a Long Way Away (Bloomberg)
  • The Pain Gap: Earning returns vs. enduring returns. (Fool)
  • Underperforming fund managers seem to dodge Darwinian capitalism (FT), but see also Hedge funds to investors: give us permanent capital, please (FT)
  • The complete timeline to self-driving cars (Re/Code)
  • Wait! What? Trump Only Makes $500k a Year? (Talking Points Memo); see also Trump qualified for a tax break for New Yorkers making $500K or less (Crain’s New York)
  • History Is Repeating the Election of 1816 (Bloomberg View)
  • How the Clinton team will go after Donald Trump (Washington Post), but see Even supporters agree: Clinton has weaknesses as a candidate. What can she do? (Washington Post)
  • The Real Problem With Facebook and the News (Stratechery)

What are you reading?

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