He knew something before the pundits did.

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Theory, Reality and Donald Trump: Choose Two of Three

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A Political Scientist's Mea Culpa on Trump

When a reality TV star announced he was running for president in June, hardly any academics (or journalists) thought he had a chance. Jonathan Bernstein explains how Donald Trump rewrote the textbook on political parties, and why experts like him didn't see it coming.

Trump and Ryan as Avatars of Gingrich and Kemp

The presumptive presidential nominee and the speaker of the House may eventually make nice for their party's sake, but for now, they're locked in a stalemateAlbert R. Hunt says that to understand their profound differences, you should consider their political lineages.

Gap in U.S. Law Helps Chinese Companies, for Now

Foreign governments can't be sued in U.S. courts, but what about government-owned companies? Some Chinese enterprises argue they're also immune, and Noah Feldman says U.S. courts are taking them seriously -- to the dismay of American competitors.

Spoilers: The Sincerest Form of Flattery

Does sharing the plot of an unaired "Game of Thrones" episode count as a copyright violation? As Stephen L. Carter explains, there's a thin line between stealing intellectual property and serving your fans. 

Americans Are Spending, But Not at Macy's

Retail sales rose in April, even though stores like Kohl's and Nordstrom's are strugglingJustin Fox says consumers are splurging less on clothes and more on home improvement and self-care. 

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