Hiroshima Peace Memorial.

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Grappling With Hiroshima

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Why Obama Shouldn't Apologize for Hiroshima

Some 70 years after the U.S. became the first and only nation to use an atomic bomb in war -- killing 140,000 people in Hiroshima, including children -- Barack Obama is set to make a historic trip to the city. Ramesh Ponnuru says says there's a strong case for the president to say "sorry," but an even stronger case for staying mum. 

Iran's Hard-Liners Hate Foreign Investment (So You Shouldn't)

Critics were outraged last week when U.S. Secretary of State John Kerry urged European businesses to invest in Iran. But Marc Champion says the best argument for more trade is the people who oppose it.

Puerto Rico Isn't Pompeii. But ...

Its debt crisis amounts to a volcanic eruption in the municipal bonds market. Joe Mysak examines the feckless management, investor arrogance and Wall Street greed that led to the territory's meltdown.

U.S. Military Build-Up in Europe Serves No Purpose

The White House wants to quadruple the budget of its so-called European Reassurance Initiative, while many defense experts say the U.S. needs to spend to protect NATO members from a newly resurgent Russia. But Leonid Bershidsky says there's strong evidence they overstate the threat. 

Will History Repeat the Election of 1816?

Two hundred years ago, an underdog New Yorker ran a long-shot campaign for president, only to be thumped by an unpopular ex-secretary of state. His fractured, once-powerful party never recovered. Stephen L. Carter suggests today's Republicans pay close attention to the lessons of history.

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