Whose party is it, anyway?

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No Relief for Republicans

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Donald Trump Just Won't Tell Republicans He's One of Them

Observers had hoped Trump's high-profile meeting with House Speaker Paul Ryan on Thursday would provide some clarity about the candidate's bedrock principles, not to mention the future of the GOP. But Margaret Carlson says Republicans are no closer to closure on either issue than they were when the week began.

I Saw Trump's Tax Returns. You Should, Too. 

Maybe he will release them; maybe he won't. But Trump biographer Timothy L. O'Brien examined those elusive tax returns in the mid-aughts, when the presumptive GOP nominee unsuccessfully sued him for libel. (Apparently, he gets really sensitive when you call him a millionaire and not a billionaire.) O'Brien isn't allowed to describe exactly what he saw, but he says there are several major issues those undisclosed returns could shed light on.

Do Sex Offenders Have a Right to Social Media?

Sixteen scholars of constitutional law believe so, arguing that the Supreme Court should strike down a North Carolina law that bans offenders from using Facebook. But Noah Feldman makes the case that Americans aren't entitled to social media accounts on whatever platform they choose. 

The Fed Should Listen Closely to Britain's Recession Talk

When the head of the Bank of England warns of a possible recession, everyone should take note -- even the U.S. central bank. Mark Gilbert argues that the mighty Fed may have to change its course if the view from Britain looks negative. 

The World Is Full of Inequality. Which Kinds Matter?

Wealth inequality, income inequality, status inequality -- some disparities are more important than others, and you can't solve them all at once. Megan McArdle and Noah Smith debate how to reduce the noxious ones without doing more harm than good.

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