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A General Theory of Trumponomics

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Trump's Economic Vision Starts to Take Shape

Faith in markets? No. An independent Fed? Hardly. Sanctity of debt contracts? Ha! Paula Dwyer considers what Donald Trump's economic vision -- which mostly amounts to "Speak loudly and carry a yuge stick" -- would mean for America and the world. 

Shed a Tear for Conservatives' Third-Party Efforts

#NeverTrump stalwart Ben Sasse is pushing for an independent challenger to run against the GOP front-runner, but Francis Wilkinson says the Nebraska senator's doomed quest shows how out of touch his party really is.

Five Powerful Reasons Inequality Is Growing

The way we marry (or don't) and the way we save (or don't) are just two of the forces Branko L. Milanovic sees driving the new economic inequality.

Brother, Spare Me a Dime. Or Else.

Do Americans have a First Amendment right to panhandle? Increasingly, the courts say yes, striking down laws that ban the practice. But Noah Feldman says the trouble lies in what beggars do, not what they say.

Get Ready For High-Frequency Lawyers

Algorithms have revolutionized trading, but their influence won't stop there. Noah Smith says new research in mathematics could soon disrupt the legal profession. 


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