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The Meaning of Inequality

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The Wisdom to Know Which Causes of Inequality Can Be Changed

Can the U.S. government narrow a widening income gap? Of course it can, at least in some ways. But how should it, and what does "inequality" even mean? Megan McArdle says those are much more pressing questions.

Don’t Worry About the Trump Transition

The GOP front-runner may have Chris Christie on his side, but many other Republicans refuse to work with him -- making some worry that a Donald Trump administration would be starved of governing talent. Jonathan Bernstein suggests such concerns are premature. 

History as Farce at the Alabama Supreme Court

The state's chief justice has defied the Constitution (again) and was suspended for it (again). Noah Feldman rolls his eyes at the latest shenanigans from culture warrior Roy Moore. 

CEOs Are Making Their Junk Food and Eating It, Too

As health concerns grow, food-company executives must show they're willing to eat the products they thrust on the world. Justin Fox investigates c-suite snacking habits and some empty-calorie aficionados running the show (as well as some not-so-virtuous abstainers).

Bitcoin Isn't the Answer for Central Bank Woes

The idea of abolishing cash remains alluring, but Leonid Bershidsky says you shouldn't hold your breath for central-bank blockchains.

A Change the Philippines Doesn't Need

Filipinos need consistency and pragmatism from their next leader, but Rodrigo Duterte, the apparent winner of the country's presidential elections, is crude, bombastic and unpredictable. The Bloomberg View editorial board warns that he could put its recent economic progress in danger. 

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