Early Returns

Angry Voters, Low Turnout and Delegate Math

Jonathan Bernstein's morning links.

1. Nikita Lalwani and Sam Winter-Levy at the Monkey Cage on the efficacy of economic sanctions.

2. Sarah Binder has a good chart showing Republican obstruction of judicial nominations. Yes, it’s unprecedented.

3. Hans Noel at Mischiefs of Faction on low turnout and presidential nominations. He thinks that if few people participate in the nomination process, you get “anemic democracy.” I disagree. Millions become involved -- most only by voting, but quite a few people attend rallies, donate to a candidate, work phone banks or otherwise participate. A relatively small group involved in choosing nominees means that ordinary citizens can participate meaningfully at this level.

4. Andrew Prokop interviews Norman Ornstein, who was one of the few who took Donald Trump’s chances seriously early on.

5. The Upshot’s Quoctrung Bui profiles the folks behind the Green Papers who have collected the details about U.S. elections, including delegate selection.

6. Kevin Drum: No, most Americans aren’t angry about how things are going, except to say they’re angry about the government. But even that rate isn’t going up.

7. Jennifer Rubin at Right Turn on the agenda ahead for conservatives after Trump.

8. Looks as if we won’t be getting an (open) atheist in the next Congress after all. The Washington Post’s Julie Zauzmer reports.

9. Lilly Goren at the Monkey Cage on “The Good Wife.”

10. And it was Election Day again in my precinct on Saturday. Just a few weeks after the primary elections here, we had a school board election. Hardly anyone turned out. This was my second election of the year, the seventh of the two-year cycle (since November 2014), and the 14th Election Day for me since November 2012. With only one item on the ballot, I've now voted 36 times this year, 56 times over the two-year cycle, and cast 188 votes since the 2012 November elections.

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