Early Returns

Hey, Where's My Good Approval Rating?

Jonathan Bernstein's morning links.

1. Dave Karpf has an excellent theory explaining the Donald Trump saturation coverage: It’s the news analytics. It goes well with my “missing airplane” theory -- very different, but both may be true.

2. John Sides at the Monkey Cage notes that Barack Obama hasn’t been rewarded (in approval ratings) for the economy the way other presidents were. I’d like to look at this a little more closely; is this relationship being driven by the high approval ratings and awful economy in his first several months?

3. Julia Azari at FiveThirtyEight looks at what we know about the effects of divisive primaries.

4. Sam Stein at the Huffington Post on what big-money contributors really care about.

5. My colleague Francis Wilkinson on whether Trumpism is a part of a larger crisis of democracy. I come down pretty much where Theda Skocpol is on this one.

6. And Ed Kilgore is probably correct that the 2020 Republican nomination battle has already begun, but I think I’ll wait until at least October to start paying attention to it. OK?

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