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(Nearly) 13 Ways of Looking at Trump

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What Happens Next, America?

Republican front-runner Donald Trump continued to dominate the news Thursday, scuffling with House Speaker Paul Ryan and courting Hispanic voters in his inimitably offensive way. With the Republican National Convention just weeks away, Francis Wilkinson warns that a failing GOP could drag American democracy down with it. Meanwhile, Noah Feldman says Trump's radical ideas on terror and trade could find support -- and even precedents -- in U.S. law. 

How a Democrat Could Outflank Trump on Taxes

As Hillary Clinton prepares to battle for independent voters and disaffected members of both parties, Paula Dwyer urges her to make an appeal to the middle classes -- by doing the opposite of what her husband did in 1993. 

A Little Respect for the Veep, Please?

They've been ridiculed from the New Deal era to the present day, but vice presidents play a crucial role in governing. Albert R. Hunt examines how the first runners-up of U.S. politics propelled themselves into positions of power.

Ban E-Cigarette Promotions Everywhere

The FDA announced welcome new restrictions on electronic cigarettes this week, but it hasn't gone as far as the European Union, which will forbid e-cig ads on TV, radio and websites within a few weeks. With one in six high-school students now vaping, the Bloomberg View editorial board says decisive action is needed.

Math Stumps Your Doctor, Too. And That's a Problem. 

Modern medicine measures risk in terms of probabilities, and that's not easy for humans to comprehend. Faye Flam explains why physicians can't afford to take statistical literacy for granted. 

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