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The Republican Blame Game Begins

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The Four Horsemen of the Republican Apocalypse

Pundits are blaming Donald Trump for bringing down the GOP, but he couldn't have done it alone: Megan McArdle credits Jeb Bush, Chris Christie and John Kasich for wrecking their party's chances this fall. Meanwhile, Ramesh Ponnuru considers what Trump would need to do to defeat Hillary Clinton, and Cass Sunstein mulls over The Donald's psychological appeal. 

What the Next President Will Mean for Your Portfolio

The short answer is: not much. Barry Ritholtz explains why it matters less than you think whether Trump, Clinton or anyone else wins the White House.

Easy Money Isn't the Answer for Japan

The Bank of Japan and the Abe administration have been trying to spur growth with lots and lots of cash, but Michael Schuman says that's exactly the wrong approach: Policy makers should instead focus on preserving wealth.

Pom-Poms and Precedents

Do cheerleaders' uniforms count as art? Noah Feldman delves into a surprisingly complex case before the Supreme Court that could determine which fashion designs deserve copyright protection.

Ritholtz's Reads

  • How testosterone and stress affect financial decision-making (Alpha Architect)
  • The super-rich were the first to bail during the financial crisis (Bloomberg)
  • How well is financial engineering working out for shareholders? Look at Valeant and SunEdison (WSJ)

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