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Trump Closes In On the Nomination

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A Big Night for Donald Trump

The reality-TV star won the Republican primary in Indiana by a double-digit margin Tuesday, prompting his top rival, Senator Ted Cruz, to drop out of the race. Jonathan Bernstein says it's hard to imagine a bigger disaster for the GOP, while Albert R. Hunt lays out four tasks Trump must complete on his way to the general. In the meantime, Ramesh Ponnuru urges Trump critics to rethink their knee-jerk hostility toward his supporters, and Bernstein mulls over the two paths facing Democrat Bernie Sanders.

Sympathy for "Lucifer in the Flesh"

Cruz gave his all in Indiana -- wooing establishment politicians, paying homage to one of Trump's signature themes, trying to recreate a scene from "Hoosiers" -- but in the end, it wasn't enough. Margaret Carlson offers a political eulogy for "the man even his friends don't like."

Want to Boost Economic Growth? Empty the Suburbs.

People become more productive when they're packed closer together, while sprawl accomplishes the opposite. Noah Smith says smart urban planning could open a new frontier of economic growth.

Silicon Valley's Big Move North

Over the past five years, a gap in venture-capital investment between San Francisco and the San Jose metro area has widened into a $15 billion chasm. Justin Fox explains why companies are following the money out of Silicon Valley. 

Delaying Execution Isn't Cruel and Unusual

Supreme Court Justice Stephen Breyer has questioned whether capital punishment is constitutional -- because it takes too long for the state to put people to death. Noah Feldman says that claim fails a basic test of human psychology. 

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