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Some Friendly Advice for the Class of 2016

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Up, up and away.

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Here's Your Degree. Now Go Save Democracy. 

In an address at the University of Michigan Saturday, Michael R. Bloomberg urged graduating students to resist political demagogues, warning, "Those who promise you a free lunch will invariably eat you for breakfast."

Narrative of U.S. Decline Is Campaign Hype, Not Reality

Donald Trump, Bernie Sanders and even Hillary Clinton are exaggerating the country's economic problems to play on voters' fears. Albert R. Hunt calls their bluff.

Kasich Is Still Trump's Best Weapon

He may view himself as the responsible Republican candidate, but Ohio Governor John Kasich is tearing his party apart. Jonathan Bernstein lays out the stakes ahead of the crucial Indiana primary.  

Meet the Big Spenders on R&D

Amazon and Facebook are pouring more and more resources into long-term bets, especially when compared with the rest of corporate America. Justin Fox says that's welcome news for the rest of the economy.

Quenching a Thirsty India 

The world's biggest user of groundwater is experiencing a historic drought, and hydrologists and economists alike are working on solutions. The Bloomberg View editorial board says smart planning and increased efficiency would go a long way. 

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