Donald Trump Is Making Some Sense

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We can hardly believe it, either.

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Donald Trump Finally Starts Making Economic Sense

Sure, he's wrong on trade. And consumer activism. And even his own net worth. But a broken clock is right twice a day, and former president of the Minneapolis Fed Narayana Kocherlakota says Trump's plan to combine easy money with government stimulus could be a good idea.

Mark Zuckerberg Gets to Control Facebook a While Longer

He wants to sell lots of stock and cure all of humanity's diseases, but he also wants to stay in charge. Matt Levine explains how Facebook's new class of shares will help Zuck have it both ways.

Democrats Pay High Price for Liberal Smugness

Sneering at the working class isn't a smart campaign strategy, but you wouldn't know it listening to the leading voices of the U.S. left. Ramesh Ponnuru says liberals are in dire need of humility. 

Breathalyzers, Textalyzers and the Constitution

If you're involved in a car crash in New York state, police may soon be able to scan your smartphone for signs of distracted driving. But Noah Feldman says it's unclear whether such roadside "textalyzer" devices are constitutional. 

Some Crimes Should Be Forgotten

A conviction for loitering in the 1980s shouldn't haunt someone until 2016, but having a criminal record -- even for a minor offense -- can ruin a person's life and career chances. Cass Sunstein and Peter Orszag argue that after years of good behavior, some nonviolent offenders should be allowed to move on.

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