Women, Desperation and Bad Foreign Policy

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1. Julia Azari is exactly correct about Carly Fiorina, Sarah Palin and Geraldine Ferraro, and I’m just upset with myself for not realizing it.

2. Dave Hopkins on what the nomination contests -- and the general election -- look like after Tuesday’s primaries.

3. Dan Drezner is not impressed with Donald Trump’s big foreign-policy speech.

4. I think Fred Kaplan is even less impressed with Trump’s big foreign-policy speech.

5. But Julia Ioffe is not only unimpressed with Trump’s speech, but she also managed to explain it with a discussion of gefilte fish. And I do like gefilte fish.

6. Meanwhile, my Bloomberg View colleague Eli Lake explains the history of Trump's "America First" slogan.

7. I tend to agree with Kevin Drum: The antagonism between the Bernie Sanders and Hillary Clinton supporters is nothing special for a nomination battle, and it will fade quickly.

8. And Politico’s Susan Glasser and Michael Kruse interview the Trump biographers.

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