McDonald's, Facebook and Young People

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“May you live in interesting times,” and what could be more interesting than our morning train reads:

  • Hedge Fund Managers? Who Needs 'Em! Vanguard long-term mutual funds and ETFs attracted $29 billion in March. (Bloomberg Gadfly), see also When Mediocrity Trumps Brilliance (A Wealth of Common Sense)
  • Uncertainty is a fact of life, so get used to it (MarketWatch)
  • America Is Finally Putting Home Foreclosure Crisis Behind It (Bloomberg)
  • Licensing Laws Are Shutting Young People Out Of The Job Market (FiveThirtyEight), see also The Class of 2016: The labor market is still far from ideal for young graduates (Economic Policy Institute)
  • Consumption in China is resilient, despite the economic slowdown (Economist)
  • Can McDonald’s, Other Quick-Service Franchises Digest $15 Minimum Wage? (Investor’s Business Daily), see also McDonald’s CEO Says Better Worker Benefits Boosting U.S. Sales (Fortune)
  • The future is the trust economy (TechCrunch)
  • Facebook May Have Peaked as a Social Network. But It’s Reinventing Itself as Something Bigger. (Slate), see also Buying Yahoo Without Coming Off as One: The company’s core business isn’t thriving, but suitors are reportedly offering as much as $8 billion. (WSJ)
  • About Organic Pesticides (NeuroLogica)
  • This guy makes post-it notes that perfectly sum up adulthood (Poke)

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