Ritholtz's Reads: Millennials, Tax Day and Food Plagiarism

Here are your Monday reads.

My April 18 Tax Day (wait -- April 15th was a holiday in DC?) morning-train reads:

  • Record for Stocks: So Close but Hard to Reach (WSJ)
  • How millennials will save us from our broken economic system (World Economic Forum), see also It’s Been Rough Coming of Age in the New Century (Bloomberg View)
  • Alternative Sources of Alpha (A Wealth of Common Sense)
  • BlackRock Wields Its Big Stick Like a Wet Noodle on C.E.O. Pay (NYT)
  • How big-money lobbying is making Tax Day even more complicated (Sunlight Foundation)
  • ICYMI: Here’s why raising the retirement age is a terrible idea (Los Angeles Times)
  • How Cheap Can Electric Vehicles Get? (Ramez Naam)
  • One of these is the Cronut. The other is food plagiarism. And you can’t stop it. (Washington Post)
  • Live From New York, It’s the Narcissism Primary: Think the coming election is mostly about the issues? Fuggedaboutit. (Bloomberg)
  • Greenland's early ice melt breaks records. What's behind the thaw? (Christian Science Monitor)

What are you reading?

Everyone Files Their Taxes At The Last Minute

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