Angry Americans and Not-So-Independents

Jonathan Bernstein's morning links.

1. Exceptionally good Julia Azari item at Mischiefs of Faction about Donald Trump and the parties.

2. Rick Hasen analyzes the Supreme Court's ruling in Evenwel v. Abbott, the "one person, one vote" case decided Monday.

3. John Sides at the Monkey Cage interviews the authors of a new book on political independents. The book, "Independent Politics" by Samara Klar and Yanna Krupnikov, gets beyond what we know -- how most people who call themselves independents mostly vote as if they were partisans -- to get at what actually makes this set of partisans different.

4. Also at the Monkey Cage: Andrea Gilli and Mauro Gilli on drone warfare.

5. I missed this over the weekend, but it’s worth going back for: Lynn Vavreck at the Upshot on anger and the 2016 election.

6. Yes, Ross Douthat is correct: Delegate selection and other procedures will almost certainly tend to work against Trump, although they might not be enough to defeat him.

7. Sarah Posner on Trump, Christian conservatives and immigration.

8. And at FiveThirtyEight, a Republican delegate-predictor widget, from Aaron Bycoffe. It begins with its collection of experts, then allows users to play with it. Here’s my best guess: I have Trump about 50 delegates below 1,237 without California -- and I have no idea at all what happens in California, other than I strongly suspect Trump gets closer to either zero or 172 there than the average of 93 the experts project for him.

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