Wives, Primaries, Lies and Liberties

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1. Good Dan Drezner item on sanctions as a foreign-policy tool.

2. At the Monkey Cage, Lauren Wright on why Melania Trump might be a valuable asset for her husband.

3. Sarah Posner at the Week on Ted Cruz and religious liberty.

4. Good points from my Bloomberg View colleague Francis Wilkinson on how Republicans can dig themselves out of their troubles by competing in primary elections. He has a suggestion.

5. James Downie notes that Republicans still don’t have an Obamacare replacement.

6. Donald Trump fallout watch: Jim Geraghty at the National Review notices some high-profile Trump supporters backing off -- and he is not even close to being ready to forgive.

7. And the Huffington Post's writers know that Trump lies a lot, so they compiled a list.

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