Philip Tetlock's Quest for Better Forecasting

Experts are no better than the public at predicting the future.

In our second Masters in Business podcast this week, we speak with Philip Tetlock, professor at the University of Pennsylvania, where he is on the faculty of both the Wharton School and the School of Arts and Sciences.

Tetlock's specialty is researching how people make decisions and forecasts. In our conversation, he describes quantifying the track records of forecasters and why the experts are no better than the general public at predicting events. Tetlock has written several books and most recently was co-author of "Superforecasting: The Art and Science of Prediction," which the Economist named to its list of the Best Books of 2015. He also is the co-principal investigator of the Good Judgment project, a multiyear study on improving the accuracy forecasting about high-stakes, real-world events.

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