Mr. Trump Goes to Washington: The Movie

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1. Christopher Baylor at the Monkey Cage makes the case for skepticism about a Republican realignment. Must-read group-based analysis of how political parties work. That said: Even if Donald Trump really does win the Republican nomination, I’m not sure that his skepticism makes sense in a world in which Republican party actors can’t control their party’s nomination.

2. Josh Huder on the fiasco of a budget process going on -- well, really not going on -- in Congress this year. Safest prediction in the world: All those Republicans who considered it a failure by the Democratic Senate to pass a budget resolution will entirely ignore the lack of a budget resolution this year. For what it’s worth, I still feel there are worse sins out there.

3. Seth Masket at Pacific Standard on Trump, Jimmy Stewart, and the movie version of Trump’s politics.

4. Can’t hurt to repeat this: States' primary results have nothing to do with general election results. Eric Ostermeier looks at the evidence.

5. Lee Drutman at Roll Call on what it would take to get Congress working well again.

6. The Economist looks at the evidence on the consequences of divisive primaries. I’m skeptical that there are real and large effects here. But very small effects can still turn very close elections. And all of that assumes the party winds up united; there’s no guarantee that will be the case this time.

7. The Washington Post's Karen Attiah: "I asked Trump a policy question. Then he called me ‘beautiful.’"

8. I missed this one, but it’s good: James Fallows on how Trump misunderstands the basic functions of the economy.

9. And a nice Politico item from Hadas Gold on those Trump surrogates all over the cable news networks.

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