Ritholtz's Reads: Warren Buffett and Light Bulbs

Here are your Monday reads.

Ahh, the first morning train reads of spring!

  • Go figure: These High-Fee, Unlisted, Junk-Based Funds Aren’t Working Out (WSJ)
  • Warren Buffett on Booms, Bubbles, and Busts (Motley Fool)
  • Why the Bull Market May Be Losing Its Mojo (Barron’s), but see High-Quality Stocks Poised to Soar (Barron’s)
  • Big solar is heading for boom times in the US (Vox)
  • The Most Important Light Bulb Deal in the World: Efficient technology is finally becoming an affordable no-brainer. (Slate)
  • Why Apple’s Supposed New, Smaller iPhone Makes Sense (Re/code)
  • Happy Vernal Equinox 2016! But What Does That Mean? (Slate), see also The Equinox Isn’t What You Think It Is (It's Okay To Be Smart)
  • The Hubble Space Telescope Found a Bunch of ‘Monster Stars’ That Make the Sun Look Like a Night Light (Daily Intelligencer)
  • Motor Vehicles Increasingly Vulnerable to Remote Exploits (FBI/DOT/NHTSA)
  • How to Transform Your Coffee Into a Wonder Drug (Bloomberg)

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