Early Returns

Carpet-Bombing, Voter Differences and Media Accountability

Jonathan Bernstein's morning links.

1. Deonna D. Neal at the Monkey Cage on Ted Cruz’s support for “carpet-bombing” in Syria and Iraq. Important: Whatever one thinks of the ethics of the proposal, it suggests he doesn’t really know what he’s talking about when it comes to the U.S. military. Or perhaps he’s just pretending to be ignorant.

2. If Republicans wind up with an open convention in Cleveland, lots of things will be contested in the Rules and Credentials committees. The reallocation of Marco Rubio’s final Alaska delegate will be one of them. Josh Putnam discusses what happened -- and, as usual, I’ll remind everyone that he’s the go-to expert on everything about presidential nomination rules and procedures.

3. Dave Hopkins on how the voters will matter in Cleveland.

4. Interesting analysis from Jordan Ragusa at Rule 22 estimating what a Senate vote for Merrick Garland would look like.

5. Kathleen Weldon at the Huffington Post on how public opinion about women and the presidency has changed over time.

6. Perry Bacon Jr. looks at what went wrong for Rubio -- and for those who believe(d) that parties choose presidential nominees. Good piece (for my own contribution, see here for now -- I’ll have more as we learn more).

7. Philip Klein points out that Republican primary voters are not very similar to general election voters. Yup.

8. I strongly agree with Kevin Drum about the media’s responsibility for Donald Trump’s success. Although we should be specific: It’s mostly television news, especially the cable networks.

9. And a good Alyssa Rosenberg item on the cartwheels we demand of our politicians.

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