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Ritholtz's Reads: So Many Questions

Here are your Thursday reads.

We have many questions and not a lot of answers (I wonder what that means?). Our interrogation-filled morning train reads:

  • Is This the Top? (A Wealth of Common Sense), see also What Doesn’t Kill Bull Market in S&P 500 May Make It Stronger (Bloomberg)
  • Is Passive Investment Actively Hurting the Economy? (New Yorker)
  • Are we forgetting key lessons from the Internet bubble? (USA Today), see also The Bull Market Is Seven Years Old; Why Aren’t People More Excited? (MoneyBeat)
  • How do ETFs work? (Bloomberg)
  • Does socially responsible investing make financial sense? (Morningstar)
  • Who’s the world’s worst investor? The Financial Bungler in the Kremlin (WSJ)
  • What? House Speaker Paul Ryan becomes leading opponent of DOL fiduciary rule (InvestmentNews)
  • Read More Books And Fewer Articles; Read More History and Fewer Forecasts (Motley Fool)
  • Millions of ordinary Americans support Donald Trump. Here’s why (Guardian), see also What the 2016 Voters are Streaming on Spotify (Bloomberg)
  • Ikea plans mushroom-based packaging as eco-friendly replacement for polystyrene (Telegraph)

What are you reading?


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Source: WSJ

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