Mitt Romney's Plan to Save the Republican Party

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1. Julia Azari at Mischiefs of Faction on Republican nomination rules.

2. Josh Putnam on how a Southern-accented Super Tuesday evolved. I enjoyed it a lot, but mostly it's a reminder that his Frontloading HQ is the go-to place for everything about the details and rules about the nomination process.

3. Very good Dave Hopkins item on “the politics of improvisation” -- candidates and party actors trying to guess what will work once the rules they normally play by seem to no longer hold.

4. Hans Noel at Mischiefs of Faction also discusses the Mitt Romney speech. Good points, but as always I have to complain: Call it a contested, open or deadlocked convention, not a brokered convention, because there are no brokers.

5. At Bloomberg Politics, Sasha Issenberg on what the Marco Rubio campaign planned through Super Tuesday and how it didn’t work.

6. Ross Douthat has been excellent on the Republican Party and the Donald Trump challenge.

7. At the Week, Sarah Posner on Trump’s Christian conservatives.

8. And the Economist on "The Party Decides."

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