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Ritholtz's Reads: Distressed Places, Fulfilled People

Here are your morning reads.

I’m off to Boston for the MIT Sloan investment conference, but not before my morning train reads are ready:

  • Hedge Funds: What Are They Good For? (CFA Institute)
  • Chasing Returns and Avoiding “Spaghetti against the Wall Fund Companies” (Alpha Architect)
  • Managing Risk vs. Managing Returns (A Wealth of Common Sense), see also Alpha is not a risk management technique (Newfound Research)
  • Kentucky pension funds push back against fee disclosure bill (Reuters)
  • Google Robot Doesn’t Punch You if You Knock It Down. Yet. (Re/code)
  • The recovery is generating more high-wage jobs — but does that matter? (Wonkblog), but see In an Improving Economy, Places in Distress (NYT)
  • Why do conservatives keep saying Seattle's minimum wage hike has failed -- without data? (Los Angeles Times)
  • Apple, the FBI, and Security (Stratechery), see also Apple vs. FBI: “Just This Once”? (Just Security)
  • What the most fulfilled Americans have in common (Washington Post)
  • Astronomers Solve Two Big Cosmic Mysteries With One Powerful Radio Burst (Slate)

What are you reading?

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