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Ritholtz's Reads: Peak Hedge Fund?

Here are your morning reads.

We are coming to the moment of truth on the snapback rally. While we see how it resolves, enjoy our Tuesday morning train reads:

  • Peak Hedge Fund? A bunch of hedge funds have closed. Has the industry reached its peak? (Economist), see also Don’t Be Tricked by the Smart Beta ‘Alpha Mirage’ (Bloomberg Gadfly)
  • Alibaba: Digging Into the Numbers (Barron’s)
  • 7 Investing Lessons from Behavioral Psychology (Psy-Fi Blog), see also Four Powerful Strategies For Building Success (Forbes)
  • Why Can’t 3.6 Million Teachers Get a Group Discount on their 403(b) Plans? (A Teachable Moment)
  • Out of ammo? Central bankers are running down their arsenal. But other options exist to stimulate the economy (Economist), see also Roach: Central Banking Goes Negative (Project Syndicate)
  • Will You Be a Gambler or the House In the Stock Market? (Investor's Field Guide)
  • Stanley Druckenmiller, a Billionaire Financier, Backs John Kasich (NYT), see also Why I’m more worried about Marco Rubio than Donald Trump (Vox)
  • The truth about football stadiums: Those supposed great new jobs are bogus (Los Angeles Times)
  • The US government now considers Google’s self-driving cars to be legal drivers (Quartz), but see Why Driverless Cars Will Screech to a Halt (Observer)
  • Plunge Into One of the Largest Star Nurseries in the Near Universe (Slate)

What are you reading?

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