Early Returns

How Everything Went Wrong for Jeb Bush

Jonathan Bernstein's morning links.

1. Dan Drezner asks whether the U.S. is ready for trouble in Saudi Arabia, and whether anyone is even beginning to be ready for trouble.

2. At the Monkey Cage, Amanda Hollis-Brusky on Antonin Scalia and originalism ... 

3. ... while Rick Hasen considers Scalia and democracy.

4. Sarah Posner at the Washington Post on Donald Trump’s appeal to evangelical voters.

5. Ross Douthat floats an idea: Marco Rubio should offer John Kasich the vice presidential spot right now. Not crazy! But probably not necessary: There's a very good chance Kasich will be out before the Ohio primary on March 15, perhaps even before March 1.

6. And a good Jonathan Chait item on the demise of Jeb Bush. I agree that Bush’s failure had little or nothing to do with Trump, though without Trump around, perhaps Bush’s campaign would have had more room to correct mistakes. And there were so many mistakes, beginning with, from what I could see, a failure to bother introducing their candidate properly. I still want to know how many voters thought Jeb was some sort of Billy Carter figure, barely even understanding that he had been a reasonably well-regarded governor. As I saw it, the Bush campaign just assumed that everyone knew the basic facts of Jeb’s history -- and that, for example, it was self-evident that Bush was a master of foreign policy, so much so that he never had to attempt to demonstrate it.

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