Welfare for the Wealthy and Convention Disasters

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1. At the Monkey Cage, John Sides interviews political scientist Chris Faricy on U.S. public policy, the parties and welfare for the wealthy. 

2. Also at the Monkey Cage, Corrine McConnaughy on the importance of the Congressional Black Caucus PAC's endorsement of Hillary Clinton.

3. Dave Hopkins on the Democratic debate and what Bernie Sanders's version of the Democratic Party would be like.

4. I respect Terri Bimes, and I like to link to political scientists who see things differently than I do, so go ahead and read her post-New Hampshire view of the Republican nomination fight. However, I can't disagree more with her "brokered" convention speculation. What we're not going to have (that is, what I think we won't have) is an open, or contested, or deadlocked convention. There are no brokers.

5. Reid Wilson at Morning Consult has an excellent explanation for why a contested convention wouldn't be brokered -- and how it could very easily turn into an ugly disaster. Very good item. The key questions: At what point will Republican Party actors begin acting as if a contested convention is something to be avoided at any cost? And: If they do, will their voters go along? We'll see.

6. Rick Hasen at Wonkblog: The wars for the Supreme Court are just beginning.

7. The Washington Examiner's Philip Klein, who knows what he's talking about, on Trumpcare

8. Kevin Drum at Mother Jones warns liberals against leaving reality-based arguments behind.

9. And Dan Drezner explains what he does at the Washington Post. For what it's worth, with only minor tweaks, it's pretty much what I do here at Bloomberg View. 

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