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Ritholtz's Reads: The Dynastic Downside

Here are your morning reads.

My Tuesday morning train reads:

  • Corrections and bear markets (Vanguard), see also Here Comes the Bear (Bloomberg Gadfly)
  • Are Too Many Choices Costing 401(k) Holders? A study of a plan that shrank its fund menu found that investors saved on fees (WSJ)
  • The Probability of Negative U.S. Rates Is on the Rise (Bloomberg), see also El-Erian: 5 Questions for Janet Yellen (Bloomberg View)
  • Why nobody is happy with the US economy: Wall Street is in line with Main Street over the outlook for growth (FT)
  • The Difference Between Institutional & Individual Investors (A Wealth of Common Sense), see also Some Teachers Need Tough Love (A Teachable Moment)
  • Winning Bets Become Losers: Wagers on technology and banks are now costing some investors (WSJ)
  • The pleasure and pain of our brains and sports (ESPN), see also Cam Newton Never Had A Chance (FiveThirtyEight)
  • The big fight: The handling of disputes between companies and their customers is done better in Europe than in America (The Economist)
  • Bush and Clinton Campaigns Show the Downside of Dynasties (The Upshot), see also Hillary Clinton No Stranger to Wall Street’s Thinkers (MoneyBeat)
  • The McLaren 570S is a $189K sentient being. (SB Nation)

What are you reading?

About that recession watch . . . ? Never mind.



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